Saturday, February 2, 2008


I would also like to say "The Pine Bush Phenomenon" is now released. Anyone that wishes to purchase a copy can either email me or follow the links on this page. The book covers 14 years of experiences and strange events that happened to me personally while experiencing this phenomenon along with the relationship that I formed with the intelligence that inhabits the lower Hudson Valley!
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Vincent Polise

SCI FI's "UFO Hunter's" and The History Channel's "UFO Hunter"

Good work to ALL you guys and girls!

Anyone see these episodes and would like to chat about them...let it roll!

Dozens in Texas town report seeing UFO

Texas UFOs...

So what is the deal? My personal belief, the residents saw an actual UFO. Not saying it is alien related but a UFO is just that ~ An Unidentified Flying Object! I lived in Texas for awhile. It is one BIG state. Could the government be hiding underground bases and covert technology, of course they can. Area 51 is not that far away and neither are some unknown bases such as the one out in Boyton and Secret Canyon of Sedona, Arizona! But what I can't seem to wrap my finger around is why does our UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT have to come out THREE LONG weeks later to finally say "OOPPSSS, we forgot we were testing military aircraft over populated land! Wow, Thanks Military you pulled the wool over our eyes again...

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Is Whitley Strieber Full of $hit???

Over the past months I have read articles on Strieber and his new found glory. Not only is he a fiction and non-fiction writer but seldoms contridicts himself. I have found several articles and web posts that indicate Strieber wished the "Visitors" never entered his life and then comes off saying that he isn't fully sure if they did. My question is this. Mr. Strieber did they or didn't they?

Now, February of 2008, I come across a new post showing that Strieber is thankful that these "Visitors" came to him some twenty-two years ago. Not only that but he is re-printing the First Edition of "Communion~ A True Story". Hmmm something tells me there is a little money being needed... But I guess when you write one bullshit story there is always room for one more...

Here is an excerpt from the Strieber's Oh yea and if you buy it now he will autograph it for you!

Quoted straight from the site!

From the Preface:

"As I put pen to paper, it has been just a few months short of twenty-two years since the little beings I came to call ‘the visitors’ entered my life, inspiring Communion and four books that followed, Transformation, Breakthrough, Confirmation and the Secret School and changing my life more completely that I could have dreamed.
After I published Communion, I had the humbling experience of receiving letters from over half a million people from around the world who had encountered similar beings. In the eleven years that we lived in the tiny community in upstate New York where the encounters took place, many people who came to one or the other of the two cabins we had there encountered the visitors in various ways, also. It was not a result of some sort of psychological or physical disorder. The encounters were real, they were extensive, and they were gloriously illuminating to everyone who had one."

And then he takes us through the thrilling, powerful and ultimately heart-rending story of what happened to him and his family behind the scenes after Communion was published.

Ships early January, 2008

What is new for 2008?

Well, the year has rolled around and 2008 is well on its way. It has been a very interesting year in the UFO field. Whether it is Pine Bush or our so-called Hot Spots. The Phenomenon is still running amuck, not just in the US alone but worldwide. We are now seeing the public and military individuals trying to get full disclosure of the United State's UFO files. No one is sure how this will pan out!